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June 13, 2019

Apple’s new Logic Pro X is built for the Mac Pro

Apple boasted that the redesigned Mac Pro could easily handle the most demanding audio editing tasks, and now the software is ready for it. The tech firm has updated its Logic Pro X music editing app to support the new workstation’s many cores, handl…
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June 6, 2019

In Don’t Wake The Night, You Have The Power Of A God Without The Omniscience

Video games tend to give players tons of control and information, allowing them to tackle dangerous enemies or change where stories go next. Don’t Wake the Night is a new indie game that opts for something different. Playing the role of a detached spirit, you mostly observe and listen, unraveling character backgrounds…

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June 5, 2019

Apple might wave goodbye to Dashboard in macOS Catalina

One of the Mac’s longer-serving features appears to be going away. Appleosophy and others using the developer preview of macOS Catalina have discovered that Dashboard, the secondary screen for widgets, isn’t present. The app is missing in Launchpad,…
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June 4, 2019

Apple looks to recharge its broader app ecosystem at WWDC 2019

Developer tools don’t tend to make headlines outside the tech ecosystem. But the developer tools announced at Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference this week could have a significant impact on both the number of apps and, potentially, the quality of apps available to consumers across Apple’s numerous platforms — including all those that aren’t iPhone — like macOS, watchOS, tvOS and now iPadOS.

One thing in particular developers can’t stop talking about on the sidelines of the event this week is SwiftUI.

Five years ago, Apple moved to make development easier with the launch of its Swift programming language. At WWDC this week, it expanded on [...]

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