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March 12, 2019

What We Loved About Captain Marvel (There’s A Cat)

Captain Marvel came out last week, and three of Kotaku’s Marvel aficionados—Seung Park, Mike Fahey, and Maddy Myers—have thoughts about this adaptation and presentation of one of Marvel Comics’ most powerful superheroines. We do spoil the movie in this chat, so steer clear if you still haven’t seen it and plan to do…

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March 11, 2019

Does a Spider-Man Superfan Know NYC Better Than a Local?

The world of Marvel’s Spider-Man is full of love for the titular web-slinger and his comic book history. But is the playground of New York it recreates good enough to guide a first time visitor around? io9 decided to find out, by shipping the site’s resident Spider-Fan to the Big Apple to take a pop quiz.*

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March 10, 2019

Captain Marvel rakes in $455 million in worldwide weekend haul

Captain Marvel, the latest superhero film from Disney’s Marvel franchise, is bringing home the bacon — to the tune of a $455 million box office total for the weekend.

The movie, Marvel’s first to be headlined exclusively by a female superhero, is off to the second largest global opening of any superhero movie behind Avengers: Infinity War and the sixth best global box officer premiere of all time.

Box Office: #CaptainMarvel flies to historic $455M globally.

•The second-largest for any superhero movie behind Avengers: Infinity War.

•Overall, it’s the sixth-best worldwide opening of all time. [...]

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March 2, 2019

West Coast Avengers is a sunny, screwy superhero romp that’s ending too soon

Kate Bishop needs a movie. A TV show. Something that will boost her profile so that she can sustain an ongoing comic without it getting cancelled when there’s way more story to tell. The female Hawkeye is one of Marvel’s most compelling creations of the past 20 years, and writer Kelly Thompson has done exceptional…

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