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June 9, 2019

The Waterproof Kindle Paperwhite Is Down to $100, With 10% Cash Back For Prime Cardholders

Kindle Paperwhite (2018) | $100 | Amazon | 10% cash back for Prime holders

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March 24, 2019

Fill Your Digital Library With a Few Discounted Bestsellers

It’s Sunday which means Amazon’s running a sale on Kindle eBooks. This time around, you get to pick from over a dozen digital copies of New York Times bestsellers including TED Talks: The Official TED Guide to Public Speaking, Calypso by David Sedaris, and CIRCE by Madeline Miller. Prices start at $2 and go all the…

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February 3, 2019

Scratch Your Science Itch With Amazon’s One-Day Kindle Sale

Surprise, surprise, it’s another Sunday Kindle ebook deal. But today’s sale isn’t like others we’ve seen; it’s focused solely on non-fiction books with a scientific angle. Learn all about gene editing, the mass extinction that we’re currently causing, how dogs love us, and a lot more, for just a few bucks each. Just…

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January 24, 2019

The Teleplay That Inspired Star Trek’s Greatest Episode (Plus a Lot of Angst) Is Just $2 On Kindle

You probably know that City on the Edge of Forever is one of the best Star Trek episodes ever produced. But did you know it was based on an award winning Harlan Ellison teleplay, and that he spent 30 years complaining about how Gene Roddenberry ruined it before finally releasing the original in print?

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