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February 25, 2019

One Of My Favorite Gaming Keyboards, Only Smaller

A couple of years ago, Japanese keyboard-maker Topre brought its fancy hybrid rubber dome technology to the gaming scene with the Realforce RGB. Between its amazing feel and sound and its configuration options, it’s one of the most satisfying gaming keyboards I’ve used. The only problem: I am not a fan of the number…

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December 19, 2018

Here’s Razer’s Xbox One Keyboard And Mouse Combo

When Microsoft announced keyboard and mouse support were coming to the Xbox One, it also announced that green and black gaming hardware maker Razer was working on something special for the console. This is that—the $250 Razer Turret wireless mouse and keyboard combo for Xbox One.

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December 5, 2018

This Official Star Wars Keycap Set Leans Towards The Dark Side

I find your lack of custom keycaps disturbing? No. These are the keycaps you’re looking for? Only Imperial Stormtroopers type so precise? I’ll figure this out. In the meantime, the first officially-licensed Star Wars keycap set is going up for sale.

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November 19, 2018

Razer Releases The Least Razer Keyboard Ever

Gaming peripheral maker Razer is not know for its understated designs. Its keyboards in particular are generally bulky and flashy; some might say a little gaudy. The Blackwidow Lite is none of those things.

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