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January 17, 2019

AI is better at bluffing than professional gamblers

The act of gambling on games of chance has been around as long as the games themselves. For as long as there’s been money to be made wagering on the uncertain outcomes of these events, bettors have been leveraging mathematics to give them an edge on…
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December 21, 2018

The official NHL app is now available on Android TV

All I know about Hockey is that it’s like football (the real one), but with pucks and sticks and skates, plus the players smash into each other way too often. If you know more about the game and follow NHL teams or the entire league, then you’d be happy to know you can now do so on your Android TV device as well.

The official NHL app has been updated to add support for Android TV.

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The official NHL app is now available on Android TV was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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October 3, 2018

Canucks Ban Video Games On Road Trips, Because Fortnite Is Well On Its Way To Ruining The NHL

The Vancouver Canucks are a young team, so like seemingly all young men, their players are obsessed with Fortnite. They love it. Can’t get enough of it. Flossing and shit when they score goals. (So: rarely.) Locking themselves in their hotel rooms and gaming until the sun comes up, instead of the time-honored…

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