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June 7, 2019

‘Spider-Man’ and ‘God of War’ highlight Sony’s E3 PS4 sale

Sony might not officially have a physical presence at E3 this year, but that isn’t stopping it from holding its PlayStation Days of Play sale. Not only is there a limited edition, 1TB PS4 in steel black ($300) and a discount on the jet black PS4 Pro…
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June 7, 2019

Xbox One X is $100 off during Microsoft’s E3 sale

It’s one of the most wonderful times of the year for gamers as E3 is upon us. Not only will the next week or so bring more game announcements than you can shake a stick at, but you can expect sales galore from many of the big hitters. Microsoft, for…
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April 8, 2019

All Of My Games Are On Different Schedules And It’s Impossible To Play Them All

One of the nice things about being an adult—or even a teenager with a reasonable level of autonomy—is the freedom to decide to do whatever you want with your free time. The older you get, the odder your windows of free time get. This is one of the reasons I like video games. I seldom have a consistent amount of free…

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February 23, 2019

IKEA Stores And Hitman Levels Are Both Snail Houses With Swiss Cheese

The wonderful YouTube channel Game Maker’s Toolkit has released a new video detailing all the planning and work that goes into making a Hitman level. Specifically, the video focuses on the Miami level found in Hitman 2. Turns out Hitman and IKEA have a lot in common.

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