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October 8, 2018

Microsoft formally announces Project xCloud Game Streaming Service

Microsoft has finally unveiled their long-rumored game streaming aspirations with Project xCloud. The game streaming service aims to bring console-quality gaming to pretty much every platform, without the need of buying the actual console. Public trial tests will start as early as next year.

Playing games via the Cloud is a pretty old idea by now. Start-ups like Gaikai and OnLive promised the futuristic way to play games almost ten years ago but couldn’t achieve their lofty goals. Whether it was limited funding or the technical infrastructure just not being good enough at the time, neither of them really took off.

While OnLive went bankrupt, Gaikai was [...]

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October 2, 2018

Google unveils Project Stream, Play games via Chrome Browser

The cat is officially out of the bag. Tech giant Google has finally announced their first major foray into core gaming with the announcement of Project Stream. Previously known only under its codename Yeti, Project Stream is Google’s attempt to stream video games across the web. The new streaming service is still pretty much in its infancy and not yet planned for stable release. Google is rather unveiling a major technical stress test to learn about real world applicability of streaming games.

Announced on Google’s blog, Project Stream will initially offer a single game. Doesn’t sound that impressive but it’s a technical test after all, and once you learn which game Google [...]

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