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June 4, 2019

The wildest thing about Doom Patrol is how it carries on the work of Norman Lear

In terms of television series, Doom Patrol is pretty out there. Based on a DC Comics property (specifically, the late-1980s iteration written by Grant Morrison), the show revolves around outcasts and weirdos of the superhero universe, people who see themselves not as superior beings, but unlucky souls cursed with…

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May 28, 2019

Sublime’s legacy is more complicated than the bros (and the haters) would have you think

One Sunday last February, seemingly apropos of nothing, Pitchfork ran a review of Sublime’s 1992 debut, 40 Oz. To Freedom. It was, let’s say, not chill in its assessment of the Long Beach band’s merits. Although he credits singer Bradley Nowell’s rich voice and the band’s forward-thinking hybrid of reggae, hip-hop,…

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May 9, 2019

Glee captured all of its wasted promise in one character

One can imagine that a perfect version of Glee would have looked like a gayer, cattier serialized iteration of Alexander Payne’s Election. Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk have confessed as much. But Payne never exerted the kind of sadism and masochism that Murphy (and Falchuk) seem to dole out onto and into Rachel Berry…

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April 2, 2019

Weyes Blood’s Titanic Rising is a stunning early contender for album of the year

Natalie Mering was a gifted child, to say the least. Weathering a life-altering move at age 10 from Santa Monica to Doylestown, Pennsylvania, a small town of just over 8,000 residents, she would retreat to her teenage bedroom, adorned with stuffed animals, posters of celebrities, and various sports trophies, a scene…

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