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April 12, 2019

Firestorm’s Terrifying V1 Rocket Makes The Game Stand Out From Other Battle Royale

Firestorm, the gritty battle royale recently added to Battlefield V, can’t quite stand with the competition due to clumsy inventory management and UI. But it does have mass destruction, including the powerfully satisfying V1 rocket. Firestorm’s spectacle could set it apart from the pack.

The Battlefield series has…

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March 21, 2019

Battlefield V goes deep into Firestorm in new gameplay trailer

EA released a brand-new gameplay trailer all about Firestorm. The highly-anticipated battle royale mode for Battlefield V will come out March 25th as a free update and marks the last major component of the online shooter to become available. Check it out!

A whole five months after the release of Battlefield V, the series-first battle royale game mode Firestorm is finally at the doorsteps. It looks like leaving this mode at last wasn’t the right business decision seeing how BFV failed to reach EA’s sales goals but in the age service games, second chances are aplenty and from what we learn today, Firestorm might just be missing ingredient to help surge the game’s [...]

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March 14, 2019

‘Battlefield V’ 64-player battle royale arrives March 25th

After months of waiting, Battlefield V’s long-promised (but conspicuously absent) battle royale mode is nearly here. DICE and EA plan to make Firestorm available on March 25th to all players, and they’ve shed more light on what the mode will involve…
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March 14, 2019

Firestorm finally comes to Battlefield V on March 25

Electronic Arts finally let the cat out of the bag and announced the release date for Firestorm. The battle royale mode will become available later this month, on March 25th for Battlefield V. Check out the reveal trailer!

Gamers already knew that the highly-anticipated battle royale mode Firestorm would come out this month, but EA remained seriously tight-lipped with more info ever since Battlefield V launched last November. A rather frustrating decision for players who were eagerly looking forward to experience the popular game mode in the bombastic Battlefield series. It is indeed the first time that a Battlefield game is receiving a battle royale mode and with the [...]

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