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February 20, 2019

An EVE Online Funeral Means Ozone-Light Vigils And Spaceship Sacrifices

Every single player in EVE Online is connected, in some way. The game is next to impossible to play truly “solo,” especially because of its single-shard environment. Each and every person that logs into the game connects to the same server, flies in the same space, uses the same resources, and can fight in the same…

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November 13, 2018

EVE Online Spinoff Shooter Will Be More ‘Tactical,’ Less ‘Run-And-Gun’

The upcoming shooter from CCP Games, code name Project Nova, was finally shared with fans during an annual EVE Online convention last month. Nova, set in the same universe as EVE, is still in early alpha, and shows a bit of promise. Kotaku was given the chance to sit down and play Project Nova at the show.

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October 20, 2018

FPS Project Nova set in EVE Online Universe launches Alpha soon

After years of radio-silence, CCP Games has finally shared new info about their PC-exclusive hybrid first-person shooter Project Nova. The free-to-play multiplayer shooter will have an invite-only alpha this November and anyone interested can apply for a spot here. We also received a new teaser trailer.

Project Nova is anything but new, since over two years ago CCP already shared gameplay footage. Maybe it was the ho-hum reception by the press then but CCP basically put the game on ice ever since. Today however, the Iceland developer decided to share once again what has been cooking behind closed doors.

Set in the EVE Online universe – CCP’s main source of fame [...]

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October 18, 2018

EVE Online Cheaters In China Might Get Sent To Space Jail

When EVE Online’s Chinese version relaunches in Q4 of 2018, rulebreakers may find themselves facing a type of punitive action that goes way beyond banning—they might end up in a virtual prison labor camp.

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