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February 20, 2019

World War Z gets pre-launch Price Drop thanks to Epic Games Store

Saber Interactive CEO Matthew Karch announced a statement via Epic’s website that their upcoming coop zombie shooter World War Z is getting a price drop before the game even launches. Karch explains the decision by pointing at Epic Games Store’s lucrative business model and thinks it offers both ‘players and developers the best deal’.

World War Z made headlines last winter when news broke out that the multiplayer zombie shooter would become the next in-line of Epic Games Store exclusives. As a smaller-budget AA game, it made only sense that publisher Focus Home Interactive was happy to jump on a slightly more beneficial gaming store. Whether this decision was entirely [...]

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January 10, 2019

Huge upset as The Division 2 skips Steam in favor of Epic Store

In what is surely a big surprise to both gamers and the press, the newly established Epic Store on PC has announced undoubtedly their biggest exclusive so far. None other than Ubisoft’s The Division 2 will appear exclusively on the Epic Store and skip a Steam release entirely.

Epic released a statement where the company shared the news about its new partnership with gaming giant Ubisoft. The first game to appear on the Epic Store is going to be The Division 2. The sequel to 2016’s open-world online third-person shooter. Up until today, The Division 2 had a store page on Steam but that is taken offline now. Additional select games from Ubisoft are also planned for an Epic [...]

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December 29, 2018

Brutally difficult platformer Super Meat Boy is new Epic Store freebie

The folks at Epic Store just made an update to their store promo of giving away one game away for absolutely free for their digital store’s promo. This second game, users can now grab free of charge until January 10th, is none other than 2010’s cult platformer Super Meat Boy.

This Holiday season has been extraordinarily fruitful in terms of free game gifts from game developers and digital stores. The newest addition to this nice trend is the new free game in rotation at the Epic Store. Super Meat Boy was arguably one of the most important titles and responsible for the rise of indie games.

It’s a bona fide classic title every gamer should own in their library [...]

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December 21, 2018

The Walking Dead: The Final Season to be Epic Store Exclusive on PC

Players anxious to finally experience the conclusion to gaming’s most influential episodic series won’t have to wait much longer. The new team that took on development duties for The Walking Dead: The Final Season has announced January 15 as the release date for the third Episode.

In a much more interesting turn of events, Skybound Games is the latest developer who partnered up with Epic on the PC by bringing The Walking Dead: The Final Season exclusively to the Epic Store on PC. What a surprise indeed and unlike other games that changed PC store locations before their release, The Walking Dead: The Final Season is in a unique spot as it is already halfway released on [...]

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