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June 4, 2019

The First Driving Game for a Home Console Required a Hell of a Lot of Imagination and Some Math

I’ve covered some of the history of driving and racing video games before, including finding the oddly Volkswagen-sourced origins of first-person driving video games, tracking the evolution of how video game cars looked, and, of course, showing you the worst driving video game of all. Today I want to give you a look…

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May 24, 2019

30 Years Of Driving Around The Same Video Game Race Track

Silverstone has been home to the British Grand Prix for most of the race’s history, meaning there are over 30 year’s worth of games that let you drive around it. So Chris Rae had the brilliant idea of doing just that, driving one lap around the circuit in eight different games, the first released in 1984, the last in…

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December 19, 2018

Behold, the Worst Driving Video Game Ever

Guess what, pals? We’re starting a new series called Torch’s Old-Ass Video Game Basement, because I’m Torch, and I have a bunch of old-ass video games in my basement. Where I work, like a dirty troll. Since this is still Jalopnik, the world’s premiere webbed-site about cars and their marker lamps, I’ll be focusing on…

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