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June 22, 2019

‘Dota Underlords’ has more people playing now than ‘Artifact’ ever did

Just a day after going live, the Dota Underlords beta is off to a great start. According to stats from SteamDB, as of Friday night it had over 84,000 players at once — higher than Valve’s troubled Dota 2 spinoff Artifact ever had. It topped out at a…
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June 21, 2019

Valve’s New Auto Chess Game Is Already Way More Popular Than Artifact Ever Was

The failure of Dota-themed trading card game Artifact might have left Valve with egg on its face, but the company has now scraped off that egg and made an omelette with Dota Underlords. Valve’s take on the obscenely popular Auto Chess genre hit a peak of nearly 180,000 concurrent players today, almost tripling Artifact…

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June 21, 2019

Valve’s ‘Dota Underlords’ open beta launches on Android, iOS and PC

Less than a month after it was announced and just a week after being properly revealed, Dota Underlords is available for play. Valve’s take on the popular Dota 2 mod, Dota Auto Chess, is a stategic battle game where players try to dominate the city o…
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June 14, 2019

Valve’s latest ‘Dota’ spinoff is ‘Underlords,’ free beta starts next week

Now that Dota Auto Chess mod maker Drodo has announced plans to release PC Auto Chess as an Epic Games Store exclusive, Valve is releasing its standalone version, dubbed Dota Underlords. In this game, players join the game with seven others while “bu…
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