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May 2, 2019

Life-size robo-dinosaur and ostrich backpack hint at how first birds got off the ground

Everyone knows birds descended from dinosaurs, but exactly how that happened is the subject of much study and debate. To help clear things up, these researchers went all out and just straight up built a robotic dinosaur to test their theory: that these proto-birds flapped their “wings” well before they ever flew.

Now, this isn’t some hyper-controversial position or anything. It’s pretty reasonable when you think about it: natural selection tends to emphasize existing features rather than invent them from scratch. If these critters had, say, moved from being quadrupedal to being bipedal and had some extra limbs up front, it would make sense that over a [...]

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April 29, 2019

What If the Asteroid Never Killed the Dinosaurs?

An asteroid slammed down and did away with all the dinosaurs, paving the way for such developments as the human race, capitalism, and posting on the internet: it’s the story we all know and love. Yet if things had shaken out differently—if the asteroid had stayed in its place, and the dinosaurs allowed to proceed with…

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April 20, 2019

Something Ain’t Right With The Latest Dinosaur Added Into Jurassic World Evolution

The newest DLC was recently released for the park building game Jurassic World Evolution. This new update included some new features, like a photo mode for consoles, but more importantly, it added some new dinosaurs. But one of these new dinos is a bit broken.

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April 2, 2019

Scientists say they have deposits formed hours after dino-killing impact

Enlarge / A pile of fish trapped in the flood deposits. (credit: UC Berkeley)

The Chicxulub impact is famed for having killed the dinosaurs and most other species alive on Earth at the time, and it left behind a thin layer of dust rich in rare elements. Modeling of the impact has suggested almost too many ways it could have killed: massive tsunamis, a magnitude 11 earthquake, global wildfires and searing heat, months of frigid darkness, acid rain, a massive surge of carbon dioxide, and more. While we’ve had confirmation that some of these events occurred, we don’t have a strong sense of their impact because we [...]

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