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March 14, 2019

‘Battlefield V’ 64-player battle royale arrives March 25th

After months of waiting, Battlefield V’s long-promised (but conspicuously absent) battle royale mode is nearly here. DICE and EA plan to make Firestorm available on March 25th to all players, and they’ve shed more light on what the mode will involve…
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March 8, 2019

Trailer & Details about BF5’s Battle Royale mode Firestorm have leaked

Battlefield 5’s highly-anticipated battle royale game mode Firestorm just leaked in from of dataminers and a video. The leaked tutorial video gives a nice overview about the unique game mechanics in the series’ first battle royale which has been notably absent when the game launched last November. Check it now before EA decides to take the video down!

Dice had a rough time with their latest Battlefield game right from the announcement. Politically charged controversies between a vocal minority of fans clashed with a tone-deaf PR which led to the game’s pre-release period [...]

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February 13, 2019

‘Battlefield V’ finally supports DLSS anti-aliasing

For a flagship single-person shooter, Battlefield V didn’t exactly set the sales chart alight. But EA Dice keeps cranking out the updates to keep devotees happy, while everyone else waits for its incoming battle royale mode. And so we come to Chapter…
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February 6, 2019

Battlefield 5 misses its goal as EA discloses sales figures

Electronic Arts announced some juicy details about the financial success of their newest online shooter Battlefield 5 during a conference call with investors. Despite astronomically high sales numbers well in excess over 7 million, BF5 still somehow ended up being a “failure” by not achieving the expectations by the large game publisher.

A fascinating look at the business side of gaming, as pretty much 99% of all games with similar sales would be lauded as mega-hits. So, how can such a thing happen? 7.3m is a large number, even for big AAA games. But when you are EA, one, if not the largest game publisher in the business, expectations tend to be astronomical. Indeed, [...]

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