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March 6, 2019

Days Gone Is One AAA-Ass Video Game

I got my hands on the upcoming PS4 game Days Gone a few weeks ago, and if you want to hear more about it, you can listen to this week’s Kotaku Splitscreen. Or you can read this post.

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February 5, 2019

Days Gone’s brutal world will make you Fight for Survival

Sony just released a new gameplay trailer for Days Gone, their highly anticipated open-world zombie action game coming out this April. This third entry of the World Video Series is focusing entirely on the unforgiving and harsh zombie-infested world. Check it out!

Zombie games are pretty well-known in gaming. The mindless and disposable deceased usually make for a nice experience. Shooting dumb and slow undead has long relegated the iconic enemy type into little more than a nuisance and cannon fodder. But the upcoming PlayStation 4 exclusive Days Gone is shaping up to overthrow this preconception. Fighting for Survival is the newest entry of Days Gone’s video series [...]

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January 17, 2019

Take a ride in Days Gone’s wilderness & Special Editions revealed

Sony just released a sweet new trailer for their upcoming open-world zombie game Days Gone. In the first of the World Series videos we get a broader look at the varied world of the game. Sony also unveiled two Special Editions which include digital & physical goodies.

It’s almost three years ago when Sony unveiled Days Gone and Bend Studio has been hard at work to realize their vision of a detailed and gorgeous open-world while also being able to feature hundreds of zombies on screen at once. On its own, Days Gone is an ambitious project but Bend Studio it also means the first step onto home consoles in over a decade. They want to prove they can go head to head [...]

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October 19, 2018

PS4 Exclusive Days Gone has been delayed to April 2019

Days Gone, the open-world zombie action-adventure game by Sony Studio Bend has been delayed. The PlayStation 4 exclusive game is now slated to arrive on April 26, 2019 instead of its original February release.

The two months extra development time given to developer Bend will be used to further polish the ambitious game. Sony is pretty honest for their reasoning behind the delay however, as they cite a busy time frame for February. It’s true, next February is already packed with some expected heavy hitters. Undoubtedly the biggest game that month is going to be Anthem, EA’s answer to Destiny.

No matter how good Days Gone is going to be, EA has been massively [...]

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