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June 10, 2019

One Dude Was Really Into Bethesda’s Press Conference Last Night

Last night’s Bethesda press conference was full of cool announcements like Doom Eternal details and Arkane’s rad looking new game Deathloop. It was also much rowdier than past conferences. That’s mostly good: fans had stuff to be excited about. At least one dude was absolutely loving it. To quote him:…

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June 10, 2019

The Developers Of The Evil Within Are Making A New Game, Ghostwire Tokyo

At E3 Sunday, Shinji Mikami announced Ghostwire Tokyo, the next game by Evil Within series developers Tango Gameworks. Creative director Ikumi Nakamura described it as an action-adventure game with horror elements.

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June 3, 2019

‘Fallout Shelter’ sequel adds PvP, but it’s only available in China

A sequel to Bethesda’s wildly popular game Fallout Shelter is coming later this month, though odds are you won’t be able to play it. Fallout Shelter Online, which expands on the world of the original title by adding new multiplayer capabilities, will…
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March 27, 2019

Co-op shooter Wolfenstein: Youngblood releasing this July

Wolfenstein made a strong resurgence earlier this generation with a revival helmed by developer MachineGames. They crafted a super enjoyable fast-paced FPS with irreverent humor, a captivating story, and a world ripe with potential.

They continued to find more success in the sequel The New Colossus which garnered plenty of critical praise and love from fans. At E3 last year, they announced a new Wolfenstein game that would act as somewhat of a spin-off as opposed to a third entry in the mainstory.

Titled Wolfenstein: Youngblood, players will play as one of BJ’s twin daughters ( Jess and Soph Blazkowicz) in the 1980s as they seek out their father in a Nazi-occupied [...]

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