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March 22, 2019

‘Battlefield V’ gameplay trailer shows its take on battle royale

In the wake of seemingly endless teases and leaks, DICE and EA are ready to show gameplay from Battlefield V’s imminent Firestorm battle royale mode. True to the scoops, it’s not quite a cookie-cutter BR experience. While you’ll have familiar mecha…
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March 21, 2019

Battlefield V goes deep into Firestorm in new gameplay trailer

EA released a brand-new gameplay trailer all about Firestorm. The highly-anticipated battle royale mode for Battlefield V will come out March 25th as a free update and marks the last major component of the online shooter to become available. Check it out!

A whole five months after the release of Battlefield V, the series-first battle royale game mode Firestorm is finally at the doorsteps. It looks like leaving this mode at last wasn’t the right business decision seeing how BFV failed to reach EA’s sales goals but in the age service games, second chances are aplenty and from what we learn today, Firestorm might just be missing ingredient to help surge the game’s [...]

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March 20, 2019

Apex Legends’ New Character Octane Is Perfect For Blindsiding Enemies

After spending a day now with Apex Legends’ new addition to the roster, fast-moving Spanglish-slangin’ daredevil Octane, I find myself picking him naturally, since he gels so well with my play style. So I sat down with Kotaku’s Riley MacLeod to talk about everything we like about Octane and our trouble trying to make…

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March 19, 2019

‘Apex Legends’ has banned 500,000 accounts for cheating

Apex Legends season 1 is now underway, and beyond the updates previously Respawn had revealed would be included in today’s patch (including a new character, balance changes and character hitbox fixes), it revealed 499,937 accounts have been banned fo…
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