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March 8, 2019

World Of Warcraft Fans Are Perturbed Over Pulled Portals 

Next week’s World of Warcraft 8.1.5 update gives both the Alliance and Horde factions centralized portal hubs, which is good. At the same time, Blizzard is removing a bunch of existing portals, making it harder to get around the game. It’s an odd change that has players asking Blizzard why, and they’re not satisfied…

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December 11, 2018

Battle For Azeroth’s First Major Update Arrives Today, And It’s A Doozy

The first major content update for World of Warcraft’s Battle for Azeroth expansion is upon us. Tides of Vengeance bring the fight between the Alliance and Horde to Darkshore, advances the war campaign, adds heritage armor for blood elves and dwarves and turns Gnomeregan into a pet battle dungeon, because gnomes get…

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September 24, 2018

World Of Warcraft Keeps Me Coming Back

Having spent the past decade reviewing World of Warcraft expansions, I’ve gotten into a certain rhythm. The expansion launches, I play for a month or so, post a review and then I move on. Yet I’ve logged into WoW every day since my review of the Battle for Azeroth went live. What can I say? The game tells a great…

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