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Epic Games Store launches Epic Mega Sale with free game each week

Epic Games Store launches Epic Mega Sale with free game each week

by Ctrl,Alt,Delete BotMay 16, 2019

Epic has started their digital store’s first large sale today with the aptly named Epic Mega Sale. The sale will go on until next month, June 13th. On top of the expected discounts by the games’ publishers, Epic is further lowering every game with a regular price of $14.99 and above by a whole $10. Head on over to the sale here.

It’s no question that Epic has been hard at work to disrupt the PC gaming scene, but unlike the company’s previous noteworthy efforts which were iconic games like Unreal Tournament or the Gears of War series, this time it’s a whole other deal. By surprisingly launching a digital storefront for PC games late last year, Epic stunned the entire industry as Valve as long established Steam as the place to buy PC games.

Only available on the Epic Games Store

Of course, there were prior attempts by Electronic Arts and Ubisoft to create their own stores, but they ended up mostly as places to get those publishers’ games exclusively. Epic on the other hand has been going all in with their Epic Games Store and has been making deals with both indie and AAA game developers so that their games are exclusively available on their store. Notable games which avoided a Steam release are The Division 2, Borderlands 3 and The Walking Dead.

Now, Epic is starting the next phase of wooing PC gamers by strategically starting a large-scale sale before the Steam Summer Sale. And it’s not just the timing which is going to turn around heads here. Unlike the regular discounts offered by game publishers, Epic is further lowering prices by paying $10 for every game above $14.99. These are insanely good deals.

On top of that, every week Epic will be giving away a game on their store for free, starting with Stories Untold. Whether this will be enough to win over unsatisfied PC users who have been bemoaning Epic’s aggressive exclusivity deals remains to be seen however.

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