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Forza Horizon 4’s Best Black Friday 2018 Deals On Xbox One/PC

Forza Horizon 4’s Best Black Friday 2018 Deals On Xbox One/PC

by Ctrl,Alt,Delete BotNovember 22, 2018

Is any racing series as reliable or consistent as Forza? The Forza Horizon series in particular offers tight and satisfying racing gameplay while setting it all in real-world (and open-world) locations that are picturesque and provide a variety of activities to engage in. The latest entry, Forza Horizon 4, is already a hot property when it comes to Black Friday deals, and now that Thanksgiving has come around, many discounts are available.

For those on the hunt for a good discount, there’s a few options to consider, and most of them knock around $20 off the full price. First up, Best Buy has it priced at $30, which is currently the biggest discount that we’ve seen. Walmart, meanwhile, is offering the game for $35, and Target also has it for $35.

It’s worth noting that these are all physical versions of the game, as opposed to digital codes. The Xbox Store sale is now live for Xbox Live Gold members, discounting a digital copy to $39. While pricier than its physical counterpart, this does come with the benefit of Play Anywhere, allowing you to access the game on both Xbox One and PC.

Forza Horizon 4 is also available through Xbox Game Pass, which is the Microsoft service that gives subscribers access to a selection of games for as long as they’re a member. Although you won’t outright own Forza Horizon 4, this is a way to play the game–alongside a bunch of others–for fairly cheap.

Forza Horizon 4 launched on October 2, and has held up the series’ high standards, earning a 9/10 from GameSpot.

“There’s such a diverse range of activities stuffed into every corner of Horizon 4, and meaningful changes contribute to smart driving dynamics and a more consistent sense of achievement,” said Edmond Tran in his Forza Horizon 4 review.

“Everything you do in Horizon feels valuable, no matter how big or small–from the basic thrills of speeding a fast car down a gorgeous mountain highway to spending time tinkering with your favorite ride to manage seasonal road conditions to just hanging out with friends and strangers online and goofing off in friendly games. The charm of the Horizon series is as palpable as ever, a winning, all-inclusive recipe that celebrates the joy of driving above all else.”

Forza Horizon 4 Black Friday Deals

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